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Virtual Event Can Create a Great Impact on Educating Customers

by ATLAS Reality Posted in ATLAS Update

So, during this pandemic situation, are you used to joining the virtual event via Zoom or Google Meet? If you are a business owner, this article will help you to understand why it’s important to launch a virtual event to get the audience to know more about your business.

With the data, that virtual event has risen by 1000% in 2020, people were forcibly doing the same thing. The main reason why the virtual event is a compelling one for a marketer is the thrifty cost compared to the offline event. You don’t need to rent the space, spend a consumption budget, do not need to worry about how many people coming to the event.

 Virtual events are not only about webinars but also exhibitions. It can be customized, the same as you do offline exhibitions. You can set up many rooms for people who choose to come in and have a record of how many people enter the room. You can have the data on who is the most favorite speaker based on real-time data on how many audiences came to see him.  Furthermore, by virtual things, the speaker is possible to asks the audience to fill in the survey. As usually challenging as offline, people do not care about the questionnaire after the event, and it's hard for the event organizer to analyze it.

If you are still thinking about how to create engagement via virtual event, try the quiz, door prize, or any other gamification and also group chat to give an opportunity for visitor to get new connections. Better to save the budget for consumption so that you can convert it into a more valuable door prize. You can create the “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) by using the influential keynote speaker. It will create more curiosity from the audience.

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