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TELKOM Property GMP Medan : Virtual Tour Makes Property Hunting More Convenient

by ATLAS Reality Posted in ATLAS Update

Are you used to hunting property for rent? Now, you can skip that activity and learn from TELKOMPROPERTY which already has this cool virtual office.


Space hunting might be an energy-wasting activities for business owners. Furthermore, as a sales people who have to meet the prospective customers while not sure they will end into the rent agreement or not. So, this is a time, energy, and cost consuming activities.

By having a virtual office like Telkom, you can ask prospective customers to go on a virtual tour to check the available tenant and the details: floor number, facilities. By doing a virtual tour, customers can have a conversation with the salesperson as well as feel “real” as they are seeing it on site. If they are interested, visitation to the actual site can be arranged, directly to the floor proposed, without spending time going around all the floors in the building.

As a vendor, you can get all the data on how many customers do the virtual tour. So, this is a solution for business owners as well as salespeople to save their energy, time, and costs.

“We’ve been very delightful to have a virtual office from Atlas. It’s more convenient and time-saving. Customer can save their time too while they can see the real information about tenants via virtual tour. This is a new way of prospecting and it should be implemented anywhere else.”


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